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Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

  Wood entry doors require care, maintenance, and a professional grade finish to provide long-term performance. The right application is essential to the longevity of your door. Key factors in wood door performance include adequate roof overhang, minimal sun exposure, and proper sill heights.


  Wood doors that bake in the sun for more than 4 hours per day will quickly lose their looks without routine care. Clear-coated, stained and painted doors should be recoated annually for longevity.


  Your door sill should clear a porch landing by 4 to 6 inches to prevent built-up snow or pooled rainwater which can cause rot.

For more information on care and maintenance of wood entry systems, see Simpson's Wood Door Finishing Instructions

Interior Doors and Millwork

  For the best results, doors and millwork should always be handled as though it were furniture, whether unfinished or pre-finished. Unfinished millwork is especially susceptible to dirt, grime and high moisture conditions of construction settings. How you store, handle, and prepare items prior to finishing will directly impact the final appearance and could affect your warranty. Protect your investment and assure superior appearance by having your products pre-finished by the experts at Bayer Built Woodworks. If you choose to have your products finished on site, please observe these precautions:

If you choose to have your products finished on site, please observe these precautions:

  Do not expose products to excessive moisture, dry conditions, heat, or cold

 Cutting or altering doors will void warranty

  Products must be sanded to eliminate cross-sanding and to prepare surfaces for stain or paint

  All six sides of a door must be sealed to prevent moisture absorption

  Do not continue finishing if the appearance of the first application does not meet your expectations

Maple Pre-Finish Recommendations:


 For Field Finish Situations: Clear coat ONLY is recommended due to the species' natural characteristics that lead to inconsistent and blotchy appearance results. Field finished results on Maple are the sole responsibility of the finisher.


   For Bayer Built Pre-Finish Situations: Only clear coat or Premium Process finishes will be offered. Our Premium Process helps to minimize (not eliminate) the inconsistencies for which Maple is known.

How to Clean Sand-Blasted or Etched Glass: (Note: these are only recommendations, the cleaning techniques may vary based on the type of glass used.)

 Dust the frosted glass, using a feather duster. Do this at least once per week to minimize the chance of dust accumulating on the window

  Rinse the frosted glass, using plain water. You can use a water hose, but don't use any pressurized attachments, as these can damage the etching.

 Wash the windows, using mild dishwashing liquid and water. A lint-free terry cloth towel is the ideal type of towel to use for this job. Ideally, you will do this once per month.

 Spray ammonia-free glass cleaner on a terry cloth towel and wipe the glass with the towel. Wipe the glass until the glass cleaner is completely dry to avoid streaking.

 View Simpson Door Company's recommendations for cleaning etched glass.

Finishing Instructions for Painting Doors

  When painting doors, factory primed MDF or molded doors are recommended since they are designed for painting.  If the choice is made to paint wood veneered doors, following these instructions are especially important.


Painted Finish

  Apply 2-3 coats of either oil-base or latex resin-base paints over 1-2 coats of an oil-base primer. (Latex or water base primer may contribute to raised grain and require extra sanding to achieve a smooth finish.) All finishes should be applied in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. All six sides of the door must be properly sealed for warranty to apply.





  Woodgrain Doors cannot evaluate all the available paints and stains, nor customers’ specific application requirements.


  Your paint dealer should know of suitable finish systems that give satisfactory results in your region. It is highly recommended that top quality finishes be selected, and the application instructions on the container be followed explicitly.


  Please do not use metal objects, (razor blades etc.) to remove caulking compound or paint and varnish residue. It is known to scratch the tempered glass. Please do not use compressed air to blow off wood doors, as condensation in the airlines may cause irregular finishing results.


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