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Instruction For Storing Transporting And Maintenance


  Interior doors should be marked, and be horizontally stacked on the tie plate, store in a cool, dry and clean place. Door cannot be broadside. It's not allow to stack other goods on the door or mix storing with eater, Solvent, volatile substance, or wet substance.


  Interior doors should be horizontally stacked, the height should less than 2000mm, the tie plate should be 200mm from ground, distance between each row around 500mm, and be 1000mm from wall or fire escape. The windows should have curtain, be away from sunshine, in order to keep the goods qual.


  There should be a specific person to manage the warehouse, be away from fire, hit, wet, mouse, pet; should be fresh air.


  Careful loading and unloading, and handle with care; do not threw the goods or under heavy pressure; transportation tool must be flat, clean and dry; and away from hit, fire and wet; do not hang the goods in the air.


  After goods loading to the truck, put soft filling in the gapin order to protect the goods.


  Cleaning the surface of the door. Use the soft cotton cloth, as for coarse cloth will scratch the surface easily. Neutral detergent, toothpaste, or special cleaning agent to furniture can be used to clean a heavy stain. After cleaning the stain, dry it. Avoid washing the door "with water. Pay attention to the cotton cloth with a neutral detergent or water can not be stay on the surface of the door for a long time, or the surface of the door will be immersed and then the color will fade.


  Hinges, locks are moving parts, when occurs loose, they should immediately tighten. Hinge must be installed to maintain horizontal and. vertical in a straight line, to ensure that doors are not deformed. Hinge location sounds, it should be timely filled with oil timely; lock is not 1 flexible, we can open to the key hole by adding an appropriate amount of pencillead at the end, avoid arbitrarily oiling into the key hole.


  Wooden doors should avoid direct sunlight and strong lights, the door will be plastic, discoloration and other defects under a strong sunlight.


  Wooden doors should avoid using sharp or sharp object to scratch the surface, PVC is easily to be damaged by a sharp and the blot cannot be easily removed.


  When there is a small area of ups and downs on the surface of PVC decorative materials, you can carefully puncture with a needle, and then release the air inside the skin. Use a dry towel and mats floating at the shelter, then use a hot iron pressed to Puffiness.

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