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Our Story
  • July 2006
    • "Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., LTD" was established; In October, 50 acres of industrial land was added, and 20,000 square meters of standardplant was established.
  • April 2007
    • Adhering to the "product diversification strategy", innovative products "EPC ecological door" and "paint door" were put into production; In October, he devoted himself to public welfare and donated money to set up "Quzhou No.2 Chinese European Education Fund".
  • January 2008
    • Launched the "talent strategy" and proposed to "invest 5 million yuan to introduce a large number of talents"; In July, movie star Jiang Wenli was hired as the spokesperson.
  • 2009
    • March, set up "R&D Base" and "Teaching and Scientific Research Practice Base" in cooperation with zhejiang A&F University;  
      In May, new industrial land was added to build oupai Door Industry Park

  • August 2010
    • Arranged overseas direct sales, registered "Oupai" overseas trademark in THE European Union, Ukraine and India.
  • March 2011
    • Jiangshan Oupai Decoration Engineering Co., LTD., a subsidiary company, was established. In September, the enterprise was restructured into jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., LTD.
  • February 2012
    • A strategic cooperation agreement was formally signed with Evergrande Group; In December, Jiangshan door industry Association was established with OuPai chairman as its president.
  • April 2013
    • Cooperated with Taiwan Jianfeng Enterprise Management Group to systematically improve 5S management of the enterprise; In July, reached strategic cooperation with Beijing Landing Century Management Consulting Co., LTD.
  • 2014
    • In December, the company filed an application for an initial public offering ofshares
  • January 2015
    • Established a subsidiary "Jiangshan Aurora Home Furnishing Co., LTD."; In November, "Zhejiang Oupai Door Wood Products Research Institute" was officially approved as "provincial Enterprise Research Institute".
  • 2016
    • In July, Oupai Lianhuashan Industrial Park project was officially signed; November, established a subsidiary - Jiangshan Opai Wood Products Co., LTD.
  • February 2017
    • It was listed on the Main board of A-share of Shanghai Stock Exchange. In February, the joint venture company "Henan Evergrande Oupai Door Industry Co., LTD." was established. In October, the subsidiary company "JiangshanhuaCarpenter Furniture Co., LTD." was established.
  • February 2018
    • Jiangshan Oupai Import and Export Co., LTD., a subsidiary company, was established; In April, the CPC Jiangshan Oupai Door Industry Co., LTD Committee was established; In December, the water-based paint robot spraying process switch was completed to achieve oil to water, and continue to practice green environmental protection.
  • September 2019
    • Jiangshan Oupai Engineering Materials Co., LTD was established.
  • January 2020
    • Chongqing Jiangshan Oupai Door Co., LTD., a subsidiary company, was established. In September, increased capital security, holding the merger of Jiangshan Oupai Security Technology Co., LTD., to enter the door market.
  • November 2021
    • Oupai Special Doors and Windows Industrial Park project starts construction to realize product diversification and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products; In November, Chongqing production base started construction, Jiangshan Oupai formally entered the southwest market.
Two holding companies: Henan Evergrande Oupai Door Industry Co., LTD., Jiangshan Oupai Security Technology Co., LTD.  
Ten wholly owned subsidiaries:  Jiangshan the aurora furniture co., LTD., jiangshan European import and export co., LTD., jiangshan European wood products co., LTD., jiangshan oupai decoration engineering co., LTD., jiang mountain flower carpenter household co., LTD., chongqing jiangshan European door industry co., LTD., jiangshan oupai engineering materials co., LTD., jiangshan oupai whole house custom co., LTD., jiangshan European labor service co., LTD, hangzhou European trade  E-services LTD.  
Three production bases: Oupai has three production bases in Jiangshan, Zhejiang province, Lankao, Henan Province and Yongchuan, Chongqing, covering a total area of more than 1,000 mu.  
Advanced equipment: all bases are equipped with international advanced equipment such as HOMAG (Germany) and MAKOR (Italy). Combined with ERP system, CNC automatic assembly line has been established to accelerate the layout of intelligent manufacturing.
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