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   Installation step 1: (Door frame installation)
1.Check the door frame: whether the size of the door frame and the door hole meets the installation requirements (whether the basic completion surface is completed), the vertical wall surface of the door hole measures three points from top to bottom, and the horizontal wall surface measures two points on the left and right. If it does not meet the corresponding requirements, it should be done accordingly. Processing, after the installation work.
2.Assemble the door frame: According to the size of the door leaf, assemble the door frame and connect with cement nails (see the above figure for assembly) to ensure that the left and right gaps are 3.5mm each after the door leaf and door frame are installed.
   Installation step 2: (Door frame installation)
1.Determine the opening direction of the door leaf (inside or outside) and then put the assembled door frame into the door hole and fix it with cement nails (position as above). In the process of fixing the door cover, check the side of the door frame and the top plate. Whether it is at an angle of 90°.
2, the fixed door frame should use the tape measure to measure the upper and lower dimensions, whether it meets the requirements.
   Installation step 3: (Door frame installation)
1.Inject the styrofoam into the gap between the door frame and the wall. Before the injection, the wall should be sprayed with moisture (to ensure that the styrofoam and the wall are more firmly bonded) and cleaned. The styrofoam should be filled from the top of the door frame. Then
fill the bottom two corners, and finally fill the lock and hinge position.
2.The styrofoam expands and overflows and is scraped off with a utility knife.
   Installation step 4: (Subframe installation)
1.Use 45 degree angle to install, first fix the vertical line, then fix the horizontal line. When installing, inject a proper amount of white latex into the slot of the door frame, gently tap and compact, so that the door frame line and the wall surface are tightly combined.
2.Use a similar color glass glue to sew the lines and walls to close the mouth. Note: When the horizontal ine is sawing, make sure that the size is 1mm larger than the measured size, and ensure that it is tight after installation.
   Installation step 5: (Door leaf installation)
1.Verify that the size of the door leaf meets the size of the door frame, then open the door leaf package.
2.Measure the size of the door leaf with a tape measure. First install the hinge on the door leaf (see the figure above for the hinge position) and install three hinges.
3.Install the door leaf with the hinge installed into the door frame to ensure that the gap at the upper end is 3mm, and the bottom end is padded with wooden blocks. When installing the door leaf, first install the upper and middle hinges (2 screws) and then fix the lower end hinge (2 screws).
4.After adjusting the upper and lower spacing of the door leaf, install the remaining screws and tighten them to ensure that the door leaf does not automatically open after installation.
Note: When installing the wood screw, it is not allowed to directly knock it with a hammer. After the hole is first introduced, tighten it with a screwdriver. When the door leaf has an automatic opening phenomenon, use a thin piece of wood to raise it at the two screw holes near the hinge axis, and adjust it.
   Installation step 6: (Hardware installation)
1.Install the lock body at the lock hole of the door leaf (pre-opened), assemble the parts of the lock, and screw the screws.
   Installation step 7: (Hardware installation)
1.Close the door leaf and mark it with a pencil at the corresponding position of the door frame.
2.Close the door leaf and mark it with a pencil at the corresponding position of the door frame is suitable.
   Installation step 8: (Finish installation)
1.Wipe the surface of the door with a towel, clean the site, and install the entire door.
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