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To utilize the advantages of OUPAI’s technology and platform and integrate various excess resources in the industrial chain, OUPAI can provide the extremely various and competitive products to our customers.

 We sincerely invite excellent global suppliers to join us and traders to become our partners.

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Email:  sale@zjopai.com

   The aim of Oupai: The symbol of wooden door; The symbol of doors & windows; China’s LIXIL

   The mission of Oupai: Creating a happy space for others and ourselves with our intelligence and sweat; Happiness home, Oupai door
   The cultures of Oupai: 
Experts culture : Each of us should be an expert in our own field; Oupai is a great expert made up of countless little experts.
Family culture : Oupai is our big family, which is happy because of responsibility and complete because of sharing.
Loyalty : loyal to consumers; loyal to investors; loyal to the staff; loyal to the country; loyal to the society
Zhuan : concentration and devotement, professional expert
Diligence : work and study diligently
Harmony : harmony can supply a deficiency; harmony in diversity
Enjoyment : enjoying work and life
   The spirit of Oupai: My duty is a thriving Oupai; My ambition is to satisfy customers.

   The mottos of Oupai: Ipsative theory: Don’t compare ourselves with others but with ourselves, and make a little progress every day. One small step for a progress every day, across a big step in life. One small step of each of us, one leap of Oupai.
Five-heart theory: be happy to work; be most willing to do the best; be calm to view a problem; be kind to treat others; be ambitious to do planning.
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