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The home can be multicolored, also can be of primitive simplicity log, colorific reflects the be fond of that comes from host that occupy the home. Simple and neat wood color, give a person a kind of feeling close to nature, let the life become simple and clear. The original wood color decoration style is more common in modern household. The original wood color decoration design style is loved by everyone with its simple and beautiful characteristics.


Wooden doors & geometric elements - break through the sense of freedom in space. Flexible lines, soft circles, stable triangles... Different geometric figures show different emotions and connotations. Although simple and straightforward, but because of size, combination and color,Glass is to hold concurrently adornment and practical for an organic whole. With full perspective or semi-perspective function, the use of indoor can effectively remove the heavy sense of space, so that the home becomes lightsome.


Ou pai will be "people-oriented, excellence" concept into every production link. While highlighting the rigor of technology, it also does not forget to convey emotions through simple lines, endows art with eternal beauty and life, which not only retains the unique style of home space, but also meets people's diversified aesthetic needs.


Oupai wooden door with concise, do not add redundant decorative design as the base, express wooden door atmosphere, clean simple sense; Among them, exquisite line embellishments, crisscross, twists and turns between the vertical is not messy, will be "less is more" design essence incisively and vividly presented, quite a sense of advanced. There is no need to deliberately elaborate carving and embellishment. The president reflects the high-level texture of wooden doors in details, which fits the essence of light luxury home decoration. The president provides more possibilities for consumers to create personalized light luxury home decoration.
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