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Jiangshan Oupai won the consumer trust in 2021 top ten categories of brands

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On November 10, all previous classics 7 months, through category 30 strong brand is selected, 10 strong brand network vote is selected, expert is selected wait for many links, Sina household "2021 consumer trusts 10 household brand" list is announced formally, Ou sends wooden door honor is won "2021 consumer trusts 10 class brand" title!  For the second consecutive year since the event was created last year, Europie has won the award.

    Sponsored by the joy in the household with sina home, activities covering more than 100 domestic cities, participate in the enterprise nearly thousand, network voting, get 15.15 million effective final selection led by more than 200 industry association, senior experts and scholars, and representatives of the media, more than 1000 designers and master list of expert panel together.  

    From the three dimensions of "product power, innovation power, brand power", it drives the deep participation of consumers and home furnishing practitioners. The enterprises in the list are all high-quality brands that have undergone rigorous testing in the market.  Jiangshan Europe group successfully selected "2021 consumer trust ten categories of brands" list, is the consumer and industry experts on Oupai group wooden door trust and recognition.  

Focus on product strength, enhance innovation, enhance brand strength.  Preferred wood top fortune 500 companies, as China's real estate brands, Chinese buyers preferred to live in a brand, jiangshan opie closely with consumer demand, relying on strong technical support, production of quality products, drive the channel change, continue to improve market competitiveness, make health wood, wall panel, etc. Series health products into homes, and the wide recognition, the acclaimed.


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