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Jiangshan oupai won China wood door and window entrepreneurs summit 3 awards

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October 22nd, sponsored by the China association of wood and wood products circulation in China in 2021 wood doors and Windows entrepreneurs summit and the Chinese association of wood and wood products circulation industry chain branch founding conference held in shandong tengzhou, guests from all over the country wood doors and Windows industry well-known entrepreneurs, and more than 400 people gathered to discuss industry development in the future.  

Feng Yi, the vice president of the company, attended the meeting and was invited to participate in the discussion on the development trend of China's wood door and custom industry, answering the current industry development situation and how to deal with the price fluctuations of raw materials and other hot issues, providing valuable reference information for the industry development.

After the forum, in order to encourage the entrepreneurs and industrial enterprises who have made important contributions to the development of wood doors and Windows industry, the awards of China Wood Doors and Windows Industry Competition and other honors were solemnly awarded on the scene, among which our company won three honorary awards:  Chairman Wu Shuigen won the 2021 China Wood Door and Window industry influence entrepreneur, Vice President Feng Yi won the 2021 China wood door and window industry leader Award, our independent original product "OPMA-3Z paintless composite wood door +OPQA-3Z healthy wall panel" won the 2021 "Xiangyun Cup" wood door customization + original design competition concept innovation Award (customization category)


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