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Large flexible hangar door Large flexible hangar door

Large flexible hangar door

Product Description

1. light weight, reducing the strength and stiffness requirements for the top truss of the door opening;

2. occupy a small space, installed in the inside of the hole, after opening does not occupy indoor and outdoor space, will not collide with the next door or other objects;

3. The large-span door opening can be divided into several stacked doors by movable columns, thus reducing the thickness of the door body (to ensure wind strength);

4. the layout is reasonable, can be designed according to the different levels of the building, advanced structural design, to ensure that the loss of heat is minimized;

5. according to different environments to design the thickness of the door body, durable, with strong impact resistance;

6. the industrial door cloth is coated with ethylene coating, with sun protection, rain and snow. It can absorb sound, reduce noise, flame retardant, heat preservation, anti-gas, moisture-proof, etc.

7. high safety factor, installed with anti-fall device;

8. easy installation, strong adaptability to harsh environment; Scope of application:

Suitable for large-span, ultra-high range of holes; Having a high level of demand; Having small headroom at the top of an opening; A variety of environments that do not occupy the space inside and outside the entrance; Designed for humid, cold, high wind pressure, dust and other harsh environment of industrial enterprises or users who need a large open solution. It is especially suitable for iron and steel, smelting, metal processing, mining, sandblasting, spraying, recycling, energy processing, garbage disposal, dock, airship, paper making, water conservancy, and other industries and used in large cranes, all kinds of hangar opening doors.

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