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  Steves & Sons (“product”) consists of fiberglass Regency and Legacy door slab(s) (named above) when used with the following parts and when they are genuine Steves & Sons components: sidelites, any applied or inserted panels, dentil shelf, simulated divided lites on doors and sidelites, glass lite inserts , hinges, weatherstrip, door bottom sweep (gaskets) sill pan, screens, internal grids, corner seal pads, door sill, astragal, rot resistant jambs, rot-resistant mullion and rot-resistant brickmold. This Lifetime Limited Warranty applies only when all of these parts are genuine Steves & Sons components. Other all-wood parts including primed pine jambs, primed pine mullions, primed pine brickmold, mull casing, and locking systems are not covered by this Lifetime Limited Warranty. The Lifetime Limited Warranty is for the original purchaser of unit and is not transferable. Slabs are warranted to be free of defects including splitting and delamination, and composite jambs are warranted from splitting or rotting.  

What the Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover

This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not include non-conformities or damages attributable to, or arising from:

 Normal wear and tear, and natural weathering of surfaces, including without limitation to wear and tear of weatherstrip, or the multi-point locking system  

 Minor scratches or minor visual imperfections outside the product’s standard manufacturing and quality specification parameters    

 The finish on a multi-point locking system (door handles and lockset) and hinges is not warranted and is purchased “AS IS”. (Steves & Sons provided multi-point handlesets carry a 1 year warranty for mechanical function only.)

 The hardware and locking mechanism on the multi-point locking system if the product is installed within 5 miles of a body of salt water

 The warranty holder is responsible for maintaining the mechanical features of hinges and the multi-point locking system.

 Express or implied warranties, including no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and the other provisions of this Lifetime Limited Warranty apply.  

Steel products, particularly those installed within five 5 miles of a body of salt water, require prompt and careful initial finishing and maintenance by the warranty holder, including periodic cleaning,f inishing ,refinishing, and ther repairs in accordance with Steves & Sons. recommendations and any supplied written instructions.

  Improper pre-installation storage, including inadequate shelter or inadequate venting of shipping wrap in humid locations

Faulty building design or construction, including inadequate flashings, caulking, building settlement, or structural failures of walls or foundations

Product reinstalled after removal from its original installation, except in connection with proper and timely maintenance of components which incur normal wear and tear, such as the  weatherstrip, door bottom sweep (gasket), and corner seal pads.

Reliant and Element doors with glass are not recommended to be installed behind a storm door, or to be painted dark colors if exposed to direct sunlight. The Steves & Sons door system will continue to be subject to the terms and provision of this Lifetime Limited Warranty.

The alteration or application of any aftermarket films, coatings, tints, or other similar products will void this Limited Warranty.

This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not guarantee safety for persons or property, nor make a premises hurricane-proof or impact-proof.





  This Lifetime Limited Warranty does not cover damage attributable to or caused by acts of God that include, but are not limited to, stresses, high winds, floods, fire and other conditions that exceed product designs and testing specifications.

Certification approval, rating and references to other performance standards mean that the product meets the established specification parameters of the certification process or standard testing at the time the product is manufactured.

It is the warranty holder’s (and its building agents) responsibility to consult local building code laws, the certification and rating agencies published materials, and websites for guidelines on the standards necessary to meet all regulations and codes in the area where the product will be      installed.

Product features designed to help address pressurization of a building during highwind or other severe storm events are not a guarantee against water and air infiltration, and Steves & Sons is not responsible for claims or damages caused by water or air infiltration of product.  






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