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What is the Meaning of the Custom Interior Doors?

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When decorating a new house, the choice of the interior door of the house is very important, which is related to the privacy and sound insulation effect of the interior space and so on. In house decoration, wooden doors and glass doors are mostly used for interior doors, but there are also many choices.

  • How to choose the right interior door?

  • What is the meaning of the custom interior doors?

  • How can we install the custom interior doors?

How to choose the right interior door?

Because the wooden door is opened frequently, the key point is quality and durability. First of all, look at the material selection. The selection of raw materials and auxiliary materials directly determines the quality of the wooden door. Secondly, whether the wooden door is environmentally friendly, wood treatment and glue are very important. It is recommended to ask the salesperson how to maintain the door in good condition, the brand of the glue and the related treatment process when purchasing a wooden door, and ask for the test report issued by the relevant department. Furthermore, looking at the craftsmanship, compared with the wooden industry, the door craftsmanship is more complicated. More than 30 processes, such as wood drying, rough machining, sanding, finger jointing, high-speed milling, and paint treatment, are required to ensure the smoothness of the door leaf and the silky and full-feeling paint effect like a mirror. Finally, look at after-sales service. Because many construction processes can only be carried out after the wooden door cover is installed. Does the manufacturer supply goods in time, is the quality of the installation qualified, how firm is it, and is the appearance of the product satisfactory? Will there be quality problems such as cracking and deformation? These are all issues to be considered, so when choosing a wooden door, it is necessary to do a good investigation of the comprehensive service capabilities of the manufacturer.

What is the meaning of the custom interior doors?

There are a few different things that can be meant by custom interior doors. This could mean doors that are made specifically for the home décor and style of a particular home. It could also mean doors that are designed to meet the specific needs of the homeowner, such as doors that are wider to accommodate wheelchairs or those with specialized locks for added security. Whatever the meaning, custom interior doors add a unique touch to any home.

How can we install the custom interior doors?

Step 1: Measure the rough opening of the door frame to ensure that the new door will fit. If necessary, use a chisel and saw to adjust the size of the opening.

Step 2: Install the door jamb by nailing it into place.

Step 3: Position the new door in the opening and mark where the hinges will go.

Step 4: Remove the door and predrill holes for the hinges.

Step 5: Attach the hinges to the door and then to the jamb.

Step 6: Install any hardware such as a doorknob or handle set.

Step 7: Hang the door by aligning the top hinge in the hole in the jamb and tapping it into place with a hammer until level. Then do the same with the bottom hinge.

Starting from the user's life, Oupaiconsiders the function and design of the interior door, and provides our users with a feeling and experience that goes beyond the wooden door product itself.

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