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steel shutter door steel shutter door

steel shutter door

Product Description

1. Ordinary color steel rolling shutter doors can be manufactured manually and electrically according to the size of the door body. Generally used for civilian doors, shop doors and so on.

2. The main accessories of the color steel rolling shutter door are: rolling shutter, rolling shaft, guide rail, bottom beam, hardware, etc.

(1) The curtain plate is made of alloy steel plate with different thickness of 0.3mm and 0.8mm and cold-rolled. The individual pieces are 95px high and connected to each other. The sealing cap is used to fix the two ends when connecting. The color is blue and white.

(2) The rolling shaft is generally ¢60mm steel pipe, with super nylon white spring shell and spring, according to the size and weight of the door to match the number and size of the spring;

The roller shaft of electric color steel rolling shutter door is generally welded steel pipe of ¢140mm, ¢165 and other specifications;

The roller shutter can be selected according to the size of the door. Commonly used brands are Nanxiang brand and Wangwei brand. The motor can be divided into 300kg, 600kg, 800kg and other specifications according to the lifting weight. Remote control (optional)

(3) The guide rail is generally 175PX galvanized guide rail, and aluminum alloy guide rail can also be selected according to customer needs.

(4) The bottom beam of the manual shutter door is stuck on both sides of the 30×30 Angle iron, and the door lock is installed in the middle position of the bottom beam;

The bottom beam of the electric shutter door is made of 40 × 40 or 50 × 50 Angle iron.

(5) Hardware mainly includes fixed corner code, expansion screws, side plates, etc.

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